Monday, December 31, 2007

"Clever Mice"

Good Morning and happy last day of 2007. I wish everyone a great and Happy New Year. Enjoy this cartoon it's the last one in 2007 bag. The Mice are getting real smart, next thing I know they'll be drawing their own cartoons. Hmmm....I better put my pens away at night! Have another side of cartoons and tomorrow we'll open up a new fresh bag of toons.....,Robbay

Sunday, December 30, 2007

"End of The YearTask"

Good Morning and it's getting close to a New Year and time to do a few jobs that we been putting off . Let do some yard work, some political yard work. Maybe the next President we plant in the White House want turn out to be a "Bramble Bush." See you , later and have a side of cartoons...Robbay

Saturday, December 29, 2007


Good Morning...and a great Saturday it will be here in Florida. Waking up is hard to do for most of us and coffee is the cure. The two dogs have realized something about their human companions. Do have a great day and a side of cartoons. Robbay

Friday, December 28, 2007

"New Air Lines"

Good Morning and are you ready for a New Year? Going to travel? Well, why not the newest Airline in Toonville. Enjoy your day and if you are planning a trip , be careful and travel safely with another side of cartoons....,See you tomorrow..Robbay

Thursday, December 27, 2007

"A Match"

Good Morning and happy Thursday. The cartoon for today is one about getting along and working things out. The chocolate should always be resolved first. Everything else will fall into place. A side of cartoons goes well with chocolate....,Robbay

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

"Bird Vision"

Good Morning...Hope you had a great Christmas Day. Here's an opinion I heard about from the Birds...Robbay

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

EZ 1 for the Mice

Merry Christmas and here's my cartoon for the day ...Hope your having a great day...see you tomorrow...I love this cartoon of the Mice. They are having great fun and are so inventive. Have a side of cartoons. Robbay

Monday, December 24, 2007

"Christmas Card"

Good Morning ....The day before Christmas...Here's my wish to you this year that you have a safe and Merry Christmas or Holidays with your family and friends and let's all hope 2008 if a great year for our country and world. ...from Mouse , Bird ,Dinosaur and Robbay have a great time today and tomorrow...with a side of cartoons....Robbay

Sunday, December 23, 2007

"Santa Leaves A Note"

Good Morning ...All the shopping should be done and the gifts under the tree. Right? Have you baked those favorite cookies for Santa's treat? Larry has and this is what happened to Larry last Christmas. This year he's doing as Santa requested. Have a great Sunday and be full, but not too full of cartoons. Robbay

Saturday, December 22, 2007

"Three Wise Mice"

Good Morning ,
How's the shopping going? This is supposed to be the big Day of Shopping. Our mice have been doing a little shopping of their own. Leaving the Dinosaurs in distress. What the mice don't know is this is a gag being played on them by the see the cheese is really their Christmas gift. Our wise mice need to be patience and wait for Christmas morning . Don't open your gifts early and be one of the "Unwise Mice". Great day and have a side of cartoons ....Robbay

Friday, December 21, 2007

Dogs Christmas

Good Morning and it's Friday. Christmas is getting closer all the time. Here's one for the pups...Ours can't wait for Christmas . Unlike the cartoon we don't put their stockings out until Christmas morning...because this did happen once. Have a great day and a side of cartoons...Robbay

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Edna's Christmas Concert

Good Morning...and Happy Thursday! Do you have someone like Aunt Edna in your church or group? I thought about this cartoon last Sunday at our Christmas Concert. One of the pillars of the church stepped out of the choir to perform her traditional solos..., I noticed several of the congregation with a stressed look on their face and a forced smile. I thought of this cartoon. Enjoy and have a side of "toons" today...Robbay

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"Mom's Joke"

Good Morning and a happy Wednesday. Can you imagine a Mom and Dad like this one...who play a joke on their kids for Christmas morning....Enjoy the day and have a side of cartoons...Robbay

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"Christmas Bird"

Good Morning! A nice cold Tuesday. Walking is not much fun in the cold weather. I do miss seeing those big black crows...they are always around. They are a bird for Halloween ,but I realized they are here at Christmas along with many birds from the North. Christmas is for everyone....,that's how it should be. Move over Christmas Bird the Crows are jolly too. Have a great day and a side of cartoons. Robbay

Monday, December 17, 2007

"Match Mates?"

Monday, it's actually cold in Florida...I don't know what to do with myself. Good morning and hope you are staying warm. The advice you see on TV about being careful on the Internet is good advice. Look what happened to our friends in Toonville. The gorilla has a Mac and Buddy has a PC., that's the problem...I think? Go ahead and have a side of cartoons...while I throw on a sweater. See you tomorrow...Robbay

Sunday, December 16, 2007

"Two Wise Mice"

Good Morning and can you believe it, we are just a week away just about til Christmas. Lots of parties and eggnog. Try to hold your eggnog and not end up like our wise mouse . Every year he over does it and misses the pageant. Next year I think he should be a sleeping shepherd. That way he'll be safe....I mean driving a camel and drinking eggnog are a bad combo. Hey, see you tomorrow with a side of cartoons. Robbay

Saturday, December 15, 2007

"Something New"

Good Morning. Great Saturday Morning to get out there and find just the perfect Tree for Christmas. How about one you eat. Just think you don't have to store it in the attic all year and you get a new flavor every year. Why in no time you just have something that looks like a ice cream stick left in the middle of the floor. One word of caution eatable Christmas trees are delicious and sudden weight gains have been reported. Cartoons are not fating so lets have another side of toons please....Robbay

Friday, December 14, 2007

"That Time of Year" &" Jolly"

Good Morning and a happy Friday. It's that time of year guys to apply our skills to decorating the house for Christmas. Best to just say,"Yes Dear" and move on to some serious refining of our natural born talents.
Friday is always two cartoons for one. A special this year....for our next selection. Here's....Jolly! Santa's friend who keeps him feeling jolly. That's what we all need , a little juggling mouse who makes us feel great especially on "Christmas Decorations Weekend". Have a good weekend and come back for a side of cartoons...Robbay

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Minor Problems

Good Thursday as we get closer to Christmas night, Santa and his crew are getting ready. This cartoon was suggested by Rudolf himself...I think it's a cute one. That glowing red nose needs lots of fuel...I wonder what Rudolf must eat to energize? A side of cartoons should help. Have a great day ... Robbay

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mouse Christmas Party

An extra cartoon for today. Chewing Pencils Christmas Cartoon Contest.

"And Before Christmas!"

Good it Wednesday already? Time sure is going by fast, just like in our cartoon today. The candidates have already started"back stabbing" , I like the expression "mud slinging". The other day I heard Hiliary was saying bad things about her fellow Democrats that are running for President. When will they ever learn? 08' is almost here and I for one can't wait to watch the mud start to really fly. Just think when it's all said and done we'll have a brand new mud slinging President. Let's hope we have a person of real character as our President. For now I'm saving the mud slinging cartoons and just putting little Hiliary in the "Time Out" box. Robbay

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Those Naughty Mice"

Good Morning to you on this fine Tuesday. Hope your not being naughty like the mice in my cartoon this morning. Maybe Dina has a back up present for Rex. I wouldn't want to be around when he opens this one. I thinks it was a diversion and his real present is hidden away for Santa to put under the tree on Christmas morning. Have a side of cartoons and a great day. Robbay

Monday, December 10, 2007

"That's Not What I Ask For"

Good Monday Morning. Have you ever order one thing and gotten another? It's the time of year for us to get it just a little wrong. With everybody giving out their Christmas list, I'm sure to get things mixed up. Hmmm....pie sounds good with cartoons..have a good day...Robbay

Sunday, December 9, 2007

"Not So Perfect A Storm"

Good Morning and off we go to another week of fun and funny. Today's view is of our President and one of the mess he has help create. Just like a real tsunami Blackwater is going to take a long time to clean up.... Like always the ones who make it leave it for someone else to clean up. Well, it's going to be O.K. George B's little tub is cracked and taking on water. Let's have another side of cartoons and a good Sunday....Robbay

Saturday, December 8, 2007

"JJ Walking,Dreaming and Writing"

Recently I met someone in the Blog catalog who caught my interest by the description of their blog. "Nature and writing go hand in hand." This simple introduction is by JJLoch for her blog " Nature Shows and Dreams."
There are so many of us who want to write, and communicate to others in our daily blogs. JJ has achieved this by writing about what she knows....her home, her people and her landscape. She tells of life all around her...through the landscape, the animals and the dramatic changes in weather. With her eyes and words, Northern Michigan becomes a warm and inviting place. In her profile on Blogger she says she hopes to be an author one day. I for one think she is well on her way.

It is not often one feels comfort and familiarity when they read about places they have never been to....but JJ brings out that universal quality that touches us all. She gives us a feeling that we have been there before. JJ has a way of describing places and events that remind us of our own special memories. A very famous artist once said "the most complex thoughts are expressed with the simplest of forms". That's how I see JJ's world . It is this beautiful winter wonderland captured through her observations and her photography in a simple and truthful way. You will come away from reading JJ's postings with an excitement to return. I am including some of my favorite photos of JJ's world...Lake Huron is especially super..., I enjoy all of her postings....another special one "Painting of the Family Farm". It reminded me of my wife's family home , the smell of wood burning fireplaces that heated the rooms and a kitchen full of busy sounds and smells of holiday cooking. Treat yourself this season to a visit of " Natures Shows and Dreams"..... Robbay

"A Great Couple"

It is a wonderful Saturday morning here in sunny Florida. I hope it's not too cold or snowy where you are in these good old United States. Wouldn't it be nice if all couples went together like this one, "Cheese and Crackers". A cute cartoon to have a side of cartoons and a good day. Robbay
If your in the neighborhood today check out Molly's Blog.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Two For One Friday

Wow! Friday the 7Th of December...Where is the time going? I don't look mirror anymore, I don't recognise that fellow looking back at me. Before long Santa will be coming down the chimney. In Florida we just leave the pool door open. I hope you didn't have bad dreams like our friend? Good old Diet X is still the champ, and our Bird friends are just going to have to adjust to those trimmers if they're going to live in Hollywood. Hold on here are some cartoons on the side..Good day...Robbay
P.S. Hope you'll visit Molly's Blog for some more cartoons

Thursday, December 6, 2007

"The Second Team"

Good Morning and it's a good Thursday! ...Right? ..O.K. I'm not awake yet either. How about this second team ...Think they make a good backup for Rudolf? Maybe...let's hope Bird's solar powered light will work through the night. Have a great day and another side of cartoons. Robbay

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"Rudy, Rudy , Rudy!"

Good Morning and how about a political cartoon for today...Rudy Bird is running for President and with our luck he'll win ...With past history of Presidents he'll fit in nicely. Who knows, at least we have lots of material for cartoons. Have a great day and some cartoons on the side. Robbay

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

"Temperature Rising"

Good Morning and a happy Tuesday to you.
Well, the temperature is rising in Toon world....let's hope that's where we leave the problems of global warming. Let's hope we elect someone who will make a difference. Experts say before long the Polar bears will be extinct if we don't do something. I don't think sending them south on an iceberg is the answer....Have fun shopping , working and fooling around..Robbay

Monday, December 3, 2007

"Getting It Right"

Happy Monday morning and I hope you have a good one.
If the universe is one happy place and we are all God's creatures, then we must have something in common with the Aliens from ?????. After all if humans were helping God with creating this world, then you know somebody didn't get something quite right! Have fun today shopping, working or trying to just get it right. Maybe another side of cartoons...??Robbay

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Good Morning and I hope you have a great Sunday...Little to say today...but the cartoon will speak for itself , so to speak. That old saying a picture is worth a thousand words just may be true. I do hope for us TV junkies the strike ends soon. A side of cartoons will have to do....Robbay

Saturday, December 1, 2007

"The Excitement Of It All"

Excitement is what I remember, standing in line and waiting to see Santa. I was so excited I had a hard time remembering everything I wanted to say.....Most times as I can recall I told Santa some stuff that wasn't on my list out of being nervous. Funny, how I 'd tell Mom or Dad that I had told Santa about stuff that wasn't on my list and Christmas morning there it was under the tree. There is a Santa Claus! I hope you have a great Saturday and I'll see you tomorrow with a side of cartoons...Robbay

Friday, November 30, 2007

Two For One Friday

Good Morning and I for one am glad it's Friday. Seems like visitors have slowed down during this time of year....must be all the shopping and getting ready for Christmas. Here's a couple of cartoons to go with the day ...and see you Saturday with a side of cartoons.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

"Mystery Answered"

Good Morning and I am bringing you a live report from Toon world.
Today we may find out one of those ridiculous questions that has confounded man's curiosity for generations. Why, did the chicken cross the road? Would the answer be the same for all chickens that attempt to cross? This is ground breaking news my friends. Surely you find it as exciting as your local six o'clock evening report and your eleven o'clock "Eye Witness."
I'm going to leave this "sensational news story to Sport McWee and go back in and have another side of cartoons...Robbay

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Not By Design"

Let's have a good Wednesday and get started with a cartoon about something we all do. Load our blogs up with too much advertising or cute little toys. There is so many clever little gadgets , buttons, music boxes , videos, meters, ads , ads, ads, . I confess I am guilty of this trap. At one time you couldn't see the cartoons for all the stuff I had hanging to the sidebars. High hopes of making some money from ads while offering a good blog subject was my goal ....I made .73 cents...I got rid of the bells and whistles ads .
We think adds are great....because we are surrounded by them all day our billboards ....magazines , radio , TV ,Internet and now , our blogs. I admit , I love to try these gadgets out ...hoping to attract viewers to spend more time at my blog, but most of them only distract from the content.
I for one am going to control myself and not put too many gadgets , widgets, buttons and bells all over my blog . A few adds in good taste are fine and some informative gadgets, like the new traslators etc. that don't distract from the content.. I think our readership will improve. O.K. I'm getting off my "soapbox" and back to cartooning. Enjoy , and have a side of cartoons today.....Robbay

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"Different Directions"

Good Morning and happy Tuesday to you. If only our dinosaurs could have saved us from the bubbly black glop we call oil. Yes, it did revolutionize our planet and the dinosaurs couldn't save us from our destiny. Too bad, somewhere along the way we didn't take the other direction and look up at that boiling hot sunshine as our source of real energy to develop. Can you imagine the world we would live in today...The oil staying in the caverns of the earth ,why I'm guessing we would not have so many earthquakes. The atmosphere free of pollutions, our sources of water clean and pure...nice dreams to go with a side of cartoons for today....Enjoy ...Robbay

Monday, November 26, 2007

Veiwpoint of A Mouse

Monday morning and hope your off to a good start. What would we do without our friends the mice....that is to say in discovery of ancient artifacts. I 'm sure they were the first to find a way into the scarred tombs. When Indian Jones breaks in what is he confronted with but mice running all over everything. Why? ...The cheese ...Old King Tut took a lot of cheese with him to the next life. At least that was his plan ....the mice got to the cheese first, they don't care about the gold and jewels They left that stuff for us to fight over. Hope you have a good day and a side of cartoons. Robbay

Sunday, November 25, 2007

"Get The Words Right"

Good Morning and happy Sunday.
Why do most of us get the lyrics wrong...when we sing a song to ourselves in the car or shower. It's because we haven't listened or we misunderstood the words from the singer. I find my self singing the wrong words or making something up because I don't know the real lyrics, then I can't get them out of my head ...., there stuck in the brain all day...Christmas tunes are the worst....Our Elvis look a like has done it to me to, I can't get "hot dog frying all the time" out of my head. Enjoy the day and be ready for Monday. Robbay

Saturday, November 24, 2007

"Cheese Ball Fit For A King?"

Happy Saturday!
I got the idea for this cartoon when I was running through the on-line shops looking for Christmas gifts. I noticed more Natural and Organic food style gifts...It is nice that we are beginning to care what we put into our bodies..... I hope your not like me and have the problem of eating too much natural ,organic and delicious food. Still, I'm better off full of nature's best than red and yellow dye plus a lot of chemical I can't spell or pronounce....Time for that all natural , organic cartoon...and have a great day.....Robbay

Friday, November 23, 2007

Two For One Friday

Good Morning and a welcomed Friday. "A Guilt Free Suggestion"
Do you have that overstuffed feeling this morning? Today's cartoon has the answer to our problems. Taken right out of the pages of my imaginary magazine for the anything and everything that needs to be addressed. Prepare this tasteless meal and you will feel no guilt about the Thursday food extravaganza.
Let's visit the world of politics. Did you know Mario is getting back into the game spotlight..He's back and bounced through Mouseville looking for the Princess. I 'm not sure you can believe everything the mice will tell you. Hope you have a great Friday and a super weekend with cartoons on the side. Robbay

Thursday, November 22, 2007

"Choose Your Dinner"

Thanksgiving is a time for family to gather around tables of wholesome foods. The all in fun imaginary DIET X pill has come up with the Turkey Dinner or Ham Dinner. Take one or two pills with the beverage of your choice... ,allow 30 minutes before eating all the desert you want. The results vary when it comes to complete satisfaction ,effective weight control, and all around general discomfort due to bloating.. I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving, with some cartoons on the side. See you Friday.... Robbay