Saturday, November 3, 2007

"Got the Wrong Stuff"

Good Morning to you, and a fine day it will be.
Margo has really made a oops! The Halloween party was great fun and she looked fantastic in her witches outfit. Problem next morning she realized the black hadn't come off here teeth, she had the wrong kind of remover. We all have our oops! stories. When I was a kid about 4 years old , I wanted to be a little green man from outer space. Painted my self green , used good paint from my dad's garage, oil based. When I started first grade, I still had traces of green. Scrub a-dub dub. Have a side of cartoons and a great Saturday. Robbay

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Friday, November 2, 2007

"Two For One Friday"

Friday's always a great day no matter how bad the weather.
Ever been on one of those 5 day cruises, that all your meals are included and to boot they are 5 star quality. In the imaginary world of DIET X , there is a new pill. Check out our couple....The directions state : Before eating take one pill , and eat a large hardy breakfast and your on the way to a Caribbean food fest.. Of course you do fill the need for some lite- snacks along the way and they have stocked up on their favorites. Nice dream in the American Lifestyle. We always are looking for the "we do the work ,you have the fun", diet pills , exercise equipment, or true Mayan secrets of not aging.

On the other side of Robbay today Mouse is out to have a romantic weekend. I wish him luck in his quest. Ever wonder about the courting habits of a mouse? Hmmm...Have a great weekend and a side of cartoons. Robbay

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

"Forgot Something!"

Greetings on this fine Thursday and I hope everything is well with you. Heard the expression ...,"He'd forget his head if it wasn't attached." That's the kind of day the big daddy dinosaur has had. We all have them some of us more than others , so let's take some time out and relax , look at life going all around us , and the most important thing......breath! Ahaha...Now I remember! For today a side of cartoons. Robbay

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Robbay's Reviews

As a part of my weekly series of cartoons, I want to begin reviewing blog sites that I find of special interest.
One such site is the blog of L.A.Jansann, This is a blogsite that if you enjoy a mystery and one that will ameliorate your ability to see more than the surface of life, then you will enjoy spending hours reading the commentary of L.A.Jansann and peering into the works of Leonardo Da Vinci. You'll see things you never imagined and have some real adventures.

Remember when we were children and played the games of seeing people and animals in the clouds. One such memory that I have is seeing a giant gorilla in the clouds and asking my mom if that was God. (Mom said no, glad that would have been a terrible image for God.) As I grew up that fascination of images in the clouds has never left. The clouds on a beautiful cloudy day are so much a part of our life. That we don't accord them a second thought, until all of a sudden we see the head of Zeus, or a stallion came bursting out of the clouds. What if that magic was no accident. What if it were a language of images from a world deep within our imagination that existed at center of us all. What if I told you that in the art of Leonardo Da Vinci, L.A. Jansann has suggested and shown some interesting theories that such a world existed and Da Vinci delighted in showing many such visions from this world.

There are very elucidate diagrams and directions for getting your creative eye going and if you like discovery you'll love this blog. It continues to ameliorate as she discovers new images. You'll want to return continually.

"One Birds Problem"

Good Morning on this fine mid-day of our week. Tonight's is the night for those scary little goblins..I got my times mixed up and posted my Halloween Greeting one day early. Speaking of early, that's what today's cartoon is about. Things seem to be happening in our natural world too early. Glaciers melting and polar bears being run out of a place to live, it goes on and on. Anyway stop and think today about our earth and how we can do something to help, and if you see a penguin in need of a place to stay...give him space in your refrigerator , their not too messy. Keep the cartoons on the side. Robbay

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Together At Last"

It is said that we'll be united with love ones in heaven. Here's a few guys that got up to heaven ahead of their wives. If you didn't know it don't live as long as women...I just heard the other day , that for every hour of walking you can get a day of life added on to your expectancy. Not a bad idea!...Well for our guys there goes the golf games and poker , now it's an eternity of bridge and ball room dancing. Halloween is celebrated tonight so enjoy and be safe with your little ones, their special. Robbay

Monday, October 29, 2007

"Halloween ,Trick or Treat"

I wanted this post to be online late tonight for those of you who read my blog real early in the morning. If you have those little ones who are out there tonight ...have fun and be safe. It's a wonderful time when your a child, growing up to be a future nutritionist , dentist, doctor or just plain all around great persons. Those little goblins are very special. When I drew this cartoon my youngest daughter ,who is grown now and visiting said " Dad that little girl reminds me of myself when I was that age." I thought to my self ..." hmmm I thought she looked familiar." My regular post will follow...Happy Halloween. Robbay

"Dinner Out "

Monday has arrived, and a good Monday morning to you . Let's eat out tonight. I was cooking all weekend , anything I don't have to prepare, cook or cleanup after sounds delicious . Do you feel that way? Sometimes I wish we could just pop in a pill that was all the nutrition we need and be on our way. Most of the time I love home-cooking ,but when someone says "let's eat out tonight" I'm the first to say O.K. Our alien visitors I think feel the same way today , so when you're out tonight for dinner, say"hello! I'll have steak and a side of cartoons please." Robbay

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Love At First Link"

Computer dating has become an accepted mode of meeting new people. But sometimes people aren't who they appear to be, and you can have problems. Please be careful in your choices. At the imaginary we never have those problems. Just, look at the couple to the left and you can see how a space robot and a Hoover maid find true love....Wow. Have a relaxing Sunday and see you Monday with a side of cartoons..Robbay