Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"And Before Christmas!"

Good it Wednesday already? Time sure is going by fast, just like in our cartoon today. The candidates have already started"back stabbing" , I like the expression "mud slinging". The other day I heard Hiliary was saying bad things about her fellow Democrats that are running for President. When will they ever learn? 08' is almost here and I for one can't wait to watch the mud start to really fly. Just think when it's all said and done we'll have a brand new mud slinging President. Let's hope we have a person of real character as our President. For now I'm saving the mud slinging cartoons and just putting little Hiliary in the "Time Out" box. Robbay


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...


ROFL! Finally, campaigning that makes sense. :D This should be in a TV ad.

I'll start my review of your blog in a few days. :D

Hugs, JJ

Robbay said...

O.K. hurry...yes can you imagine a candidate that really cared about people and this environment. Maybe one will rise to the top of the puddle.

Rachel said...

AHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHA! Hilarious! I love this one. Good review on the Nature Nut site, Dad...I'm proud of ya!