Saturday, December 8, 2007

"JJ Walking,Dreaming and Writing"

Recently I met someone in the Blog catalog who caught my interest by the description of their blog. "Nature and writing go hand in hand." This simple introduction is by JJLoch for her blog " Nature Shows and Dreams."
There are so many of us who want to write, and communicate to others in our daily blogs. JJ has achieved this by writing about what she knows....her home, her people and her landscape. She tells of life all around her...through the landscape, the animals and the dramatic changes in weather. With her eyes and words, Northern Michigan becomes a warm and inviting place. In her profile on Blogger she says she hopes to be an author one day. I for one think she is well on her way.

It is not often one feels comfort and familiarity when they read about places they have never been to....but JJ brings out that universal quality that touches us all. She gives us a feeling that we have been there before. JJ has a way of describing places and events that remind us of our own special memories. A very famous artist once said "the most complex thoughts are expressed with the simplest of forms". That's how I see JJ's world . It is this beautiful winter wonderland captured through her observations and her photography in a simple and truthful way. You will come away from reading JJ's postings with an excitement to return. I am including some of my favorite photos of JJ's world...Lake Huron is especially super..., I enjoy all of her postings....another special one "Painting of the Family Farm". It reminded me of my wife's family home , the smell of wood burning fireplaces that heated the rooms and a kitchen full of busy sounds and smells of holiday cooking. Treat yourself this season to a visit of " Natures Shows and Dreams"..... Robbay

"A Great Couple"

It is a wonderful Saturday morning here in sunny Florida. I hope it's not too cold or snowy where you are in these good old United States. Wouldn't it be nice if all couples went together like this one, "Cheese and Crackers". A cute cartoon to have a side of cartoons and a good day. Robbay
If your in the neighborhood today check out Molly's Blog.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Two For One Friday

Wow! Friday the 7Th of December...Where is the time going? I don't look mirror anymore, I don't recognise that fellow looking back at me. Before long Santa will be coming down the chimney. In Florida we just leave the pool door open. I hope you didn't have bad dreams like our friend? Good old Diet X is still the champ, and our Bird friends are just going to have to adjust to those trimmers if they're going to live in Hollywood. Hold on here are some cartoons on the side..Good day...Robbay
P.S. Hope you'll visit Molly's Blog for some more cartoons

Thursday, December 6, 2007

"The Second Team"

Good Morning and it's a good Thursday! ...Right? ..O.K. I'm not awake yet either. How about this second team ...Think they make a good backup for Rudolf? Maybe...let's hope Bird's solar powered light will work through the night. Have a great day and another side of cartoons. Robbay

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"Rudy, Rudy , Rudy!"

Good Morning and how about a political cartoon for today...Rudy Bird is running for President and with our luck he'll win ...With past history of Presidents he'll fit in nicely. Who knows, at least we have lots of material for cartoons. Have a great day and some cartoons on the side. Robbay

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

"Temperature Rising"

Good Morning and a happy Tuesday to you.
Well, the temperature is rising in Toon world....let's hope that's where we leave the problems of global warming. Let's hope we elect someone who will make a difference. Experts say before long the Polar bears will be extinct if we don't do something. I don't think sending them south on an iceberg is the answer....Have fun shopping , working and fooling around..Robbay

Monday, December 3, 2007

"Getting It Right"

Happy Monday morning and I hope you have a good one.
If the universe is one happy place and we are all God's creatures, then we must have something in common with the Aliens from ?????. After all if humans were helping God with creating this world, then you know somebody didn't get something quite right! Have fun today shopping, working or trying to just get it right. Maybe another side of cartoons...??Robbay

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Good Morning and I hope you have a great Sunday...Little to say today...but the cartoon will speak for itself , so to speak. That old saying a picture is worth a thousand words just may be true. I do hope for us TV junkies the strike ends soon. A side of cartoons will have to do....Robbay