Sunday, December 30, 2007

"End of The YearTask"

Good Morning and it's getting close to a New Year and time to do a few jobs that we been putting off . Let do some yard work, some political yard work. Maybe the next President we plant in the White House want turn out to be a "Bramble Bush." See you , later and have a side of cartoons...Robbay


Anna said...

Hi Robbay, and I been putting my blogging off, and few other things, lol. Well glad to be back, and like always, creative cartoon. I don't really recall many political figures from the past, as I was not interested in them at all, but now since I pay more attention to politics, I feel like I know Bush in person, lol, not sure if I want to. Happy New Year 2008, Anna :)

Leena said...

This is absolutely hilarious!