Saturday, December 22, 2007

"Three Wise Mice"

Good Morning ,
How's the shopping going? This is supposed to be the big Day of Shopping. Our mice have been doing a little shopping of their own. Leaving the Dinosaurs in distress. What the mice don't know is this is a gag being played on them by the see the cheese is really their Christmas gift. Our wise mice need to be patience and wait for Christmas morning . Don't open your gifts early and be one of the "Unwise Mice". Great day and have a side of cartoons ....Robbay


himalman said...

May your holiday season be as beautiful as a Winter Wonderland! Merry Christmas ! I would like to invite you to watch : Christmas Eve in Poland.... some traditional recipes /Version english, french, polish/:

Anonymous said...

Toon Man, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you! Thanks for the Email toon - I really enjoyed it!

May you and your family have a fun-filled holiday season. May your heart be warmed with the love of friends and family.

Have a great New Year!


Anna said...

Hi Robbay, this is very nice cartoon as always. Speaking of shopping, oh boy, most stressfull time of the year, and thank goodness for gift cards and that some still like cash, however, I am done and this is the best.

So Robbay, what can I say. I want to say firstly thank you for the lovely cartoon you have send me by email. And here I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being good blogger friend, for nice review you have given me, and most of all making me a star on the cartoon, and also to take this opportunity to send you best wishes and a very Merry Christmas. Thanks again, and I will see you around as always. Anna :)