Saturday, November 24, 2007

"Cheese Ball Fit For A King?"

Happy Saturday!
I got the idea for this cartoon when I was running through the on-line shops looking for Christmas gifts. I noticed more Natural and Organic food style gifts...It is nice that we are beginning to care what we put into our bodies..... I hope your not like me and have the problem of eating too much natural ,organic and delicious food. Still, I'm better off full of nature's best than red and yellow dye plus a lot of chemical I can't spell or pronounce....Time for that all natural , organic cartoon...and have a great day.....Robbay


Anna said...

Organic, natural food that the way we should all eat. Great cartoon to reflect that. Anna :)

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

I think I eat that big cheeseball between Thanksgiving and New Year's. LOL Great cartoon. Recently I found out I'm sensitive to white and wheat flour gluten and oats and am living on a waaay healthier diet with grains that taste like they've just come from the field.

Hugs, JJ