Saturday, July 11, 2009

Being Compatible

Hi Guys .
Being compatible is just what we need. I am I the present living on Green Smoothies and Salad. My companion is going along to a point. She is a meat lover and holding to her needs. I do love the dark chocolate and the nibs or cacao I think its called. Makes great addition to some of my smoothies. So, lets tolerate those meat eaters this the salads win them over. Have a good one. Robbay

Monday, July 6, 2009

New Red Zoomer

What if Noah had a Vita Mix...Care to give your opinion? I would love to hear your comments.

Red Zoomer Today I went for my first "SPIN" in my new 5200 . I call it my "Red Zoomer" and boy does it ever. First I took control of a Green Smoothie , made with Kale and Red Leaf Lettuce , adding some peaches. strawberries and a little water. A touch of lemon for zest and I was off on a delicious adventure . In about 15 minutes the Red Zoomer's tank was empty and I was in smoothie bliss.

After a quick wash job I was out to dry grade some coconut chunks that had been waiting in the fridge. That little spin took all of 30 seconds. Red Zoomer is parked now but I am ready for tomorrows breakfast green smoothie. Oh! and then there's lunch and dinner! You got it I am off on a new adventure with trying to control my diabetes and the Vita Mix Blender I just bought is going to lead the way along with Raw you be hearing more about the expedition. Robbay