Saturday, December 1, 2007

"The Excitement Of It All"

Excitement is what I remember, standing in line and waiting to see Santa. I was so excited I had a hard time remembering everything I wanted to say.....Most times as I can recall I told Santa some stuff that wasn't on my list out of being nervous. Funny, how I 'd tell Mom or Dad that I had told Santa about stuff that wasn't on my list and Christmas morning there it was under the tree. There is a Santa Claus! I hope you have a great Saturday and I'll see you tomorrow with a side of cartoons...Robbay

Friday, November 30, 2007

Two For One Friday

Good Morning and I for one am glad it's Friday. Seems like visitors have slowed down during this time of year....must be all the shopping and getting ready for Christmas. Here's a couple of cartoons to go with the day ...and see you Saturday with a side of cartoons.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

"Mystery Answered"

Good Morning and I am bringing you a live report from Toon world.
Today we may find out one of those ridiculous questions that has confounded man's curiosity for generations. Why, did the chicken cross the road? Would the answer be the same for all chickens that attempt to cross? This is ground breaking news my friends. Surely you find it as exciting as your local six o'clock evening report and your eleven o'clock "Eye Witness."
I'm going to leave this "sensational news story to Sport McWee and go back in and have another side of cartoons...Robbay

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Not By Design"

Let's have a good Wednesday and get started with a cartoon about something we all do. Load our blogs up with too much advertising or cute little toys. There is so many clever little gadgets , buttons, music boxes , videos, meters, ads , ads, ads, . I confess I am guilty of this trap. At one time you couldn't see the cartoons for all the stuff I had hanging to the sidebars. High hopes of making some money from ads while offering a good blog subject was my goal ....I made .73 cents...I got rid of the bells and whistles ads .
We think adds are great....because we are surrounded by them all day our billboards ....magazines , radio , TV ,Internet and now , our blogs. I admit , I love to try these gadgets out ...hoping to attract viewers to spend more time at my blog, but most of them only distract from the content.
I for one am going to control myself and not put too many gadgets , widgets, buttons and bells all over my blog . A few adds in good taste are fine and some informative gadgets, like the new traslators etc. that don't distract from the content.. I think our readership will improve. O.K. I'm getting off my "soapbox" and back to cartooning. Enjoy , and have a side of cartoons today.....Robbay

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"Different Directions"

Good Morning and happy Tuesday to you. If only our dinosaurs could have saved us from the bubbly black glop we call oil. Yes, it did revolutionize our planet and the dinosaurs couldn't save us from our destiny. Too bad, somewhere along the way we didn't take the other direction and look up at that boiling hot sunshine as our source of real energy to develop. Can you imagine the world we would live in today...The oil staying in the caverns of the earth ,why I'm guessing we would not have so many earthquakes. The atmosphere free of pollutions, our sources of water clean and pure...nice dreams to go with a side of cartoons for today....Enjoy ...Robbay

Monday, November 26, 2007

Veiwpoint of A Mouse

Monday morning and hope your off to a good start. What would we do without our friends the mice....that is to say in discovery of ancient artifacts. I 'm sure they were the first to find a way into the scarred tombs. When Indian Jones breaks in what is he confronted with but mice running all over everything. Why? ...The cheese ...Old King Tut took a lot of cheese with him to the next life. At least that was his plan ....the mice got to the cheese first, they don't care about the gold and jewels They left that stuff for us to fight over. Hope you have a good day and a side of cartoons. Robbay

Sunday, November 25, 2007

"Get The Words Right"

Good Morning and happy Sunday.
Why do most of us get the lyrics wrong...when we sing a song to ourselves in the car or shower. It's because we haven't listened or we misunderstood the words from the singer. I find my self singing the wrong words or making something up because I don't know the real lyrics, then I can't get them out of my head ...., there stuck in the brain all day...Christmas tunes are the worst....Our Elvis look a like has done it to me to, I can't get "hot dog frying all the time" out of my head. Enjoy the day and be ready for Monday. Robbay