Saturday, November 24, 2007

"Cheese Ball Fit For A King?"

Happy Saturday!
I got the idea for this cartoon when I was running through the on-line shops looking for Christmas gifts. I noticed more Natural and Organic food style gifts...It is nice that we are beginning to care what we put into our bodies..... I hope your not like me and have the problem of eating too much natural ,organic and delicious food. Still, I'm better off full of nature's best than red and yellow dye plus a lot of chemical I can't spell or pronounce....Time for that all natural , organic cartoon...and have a great day.....Robbay

Friday, November 23, 2007

Two For One Friday

Good Morning and a welcomed Friday. "A Guilt Free Suggestion"
Do you have that overstuffed feeling this morning? Today's cartoon has the answer to our problems. Taken right out of the pages of my imaginary magazine for the anything and everything that needs to be addressed. Prepare this tasteless meal and you will feel no guilt about the Thursday food extravaganza.
Let's visit the world of politics. Did you know Mario is getting back into the game spotlight..He's back and bounced through Mouseville looking for the Princess. I 'm not sure you can believe everything the mice will tell you. Hope you have a great Friday and a super weekend with cartoons on the side. Robbay

Thursday, November 22, 2007

"Choose Your Dinner"

Thanksgiving is a time for family to gather around tables of wholesome foods. The all in fun imaginary DIET X pill has come up with the Turkey Dinner or Ham Dinner. Take one or two pills with the beverage of your choice... ,allow 30 minutes before eating all the desert you want. The results vary when it comes to complete satisfaction ,effective weight control, and all around general discomfort due to bloating.. I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving, with some cartoons on the side. See you Friday.... Robbay

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"A Difference?"

Good Morning and a nice stretch and relax Wednesday, for tomorrow we eat.
Today , let's concern ourselves with the candidates running for President. Is there a difference in any of them when it comes down to it? I hope so , because if we ever needed leadership it is now...,but in the crowd that's asking for our support... I don't see anyone who I would call dynamic. I have been voting for along time and only once or twice have I seen some real " get things done type personalities" be President. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and I'll see you in the morning with a side of cartoons...Robbay

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"How Long Do I Hold?"

Good Morning and Tuesday will be Tuesday. Tuesday is usually over before we know it. Have you had to HOLD on the phone lately, trying to get information or a problem solved? Just the other day , when looking for new auto insurance...I felt like our friends in the cartoon trying to fill out Social Security applications, I thought by the time I find new insurance ..., I' ll be to old to drive .Today we live with robot recordings to keep us content while we wait, and wait ....,and wait. While we're waiting lets have another side of cartoons...Robbay

Monday, November 19, 2007

"Doing It All"

Monday , Monday....Time to get to work...At least it will be a short week. This morning our guy is off to get things done. Two or three things at the same time. Do you find yourself in the same situation? With our state of economy and fast pace of life , we don't really have much choice. When I did this cartoon I was reminded of my boyhood when a Aluminum Foil company advertised that Mom could wrap the roast , carrots and potatoes in foil....put them on or near the manifold of the car, drive around doing the chores and when she got back home .....dinner would be cooked by the car. Really.... a true story. Today you couldn't do that with oil costing almost $100.00 a barrel. We are an inventive lot and if there is a way of doing more than one task at the same time ...., we'll find it. Best have another side of cartoons...Robbay

Sunday, November 18, 2007

"Look A Like Contest"

Good Morning..Sunday is a great day to start the week...don't you think? Old politics, new politics and funny politics have all started out to capture our attention and opinions. Well, some politicians want our opinions...On some issues of importance...Take George B's "Look A Like Contest" with politicians like we have in this country , I don't have to look very hard for funny material for my cartoons. This political season is sure going to be fun and by the time it's over I will have made some fun at all of them. Remember , fun it is , we have to laugh at ourselves first and George B has gotten the ball rolling..., have another cartoon on the side and a great day. Robbay