Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Not By Design"

Let's have a good Wednesday and get started with a cartoon about something we all do. Load our blogs up with too much advertising or cute little toys. There is so many clever little gadgets , buttons, music boxes , videos, meters, ads , ads, ads, . I confess I am guilty of this trap. At one time you couldn't see the cartoons for all the stuff I had hanging to the sidebars. High hopes of making some money from ads while offering a good blog subject was my goal ....I made .73 cents...I got rid of the bells and whistles ads .
We think adds are great....because we are surrounded by them all day our billboards ....magazines , radio , TV ,Internet and now , our blogs. I admit , I love to try these gadgets out ...hoping to attract viewers to spend more time at my blog, but most of them only distract from the content.
I for one am going to control myself and not put too many gadgets , widgets, buttons and bells all over my blog . A few adds in good taste are fine and some informative gadgets, like the new traslators etc. that don't distract from the content.. I think our readership will improve. O.K. I'm getting off my "soapbox" and back to cartooning. Enjoy , and have a side of cartoons today.....Robbay


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

I've given you the "You're an Amazing Blogger" Award on my blog. You are!!! You capture life with a few strokes of the pen.

Great cartoon. :D

And I can't load on many blogging sites because there are too many bells and whistles. I will wait for those I simply can't miss but it makes surfing the internet hard.

Hugs, JJ