Monday, November 26, 2007

Veiwpoint of A Mouse

Monday morning and hope your off to a good start. What would we do without our friends the mice....that is to say in discovery of ancient artifacts. I 'm sure they were the first to find a way into the scarred tombs. When Indian Jones breaks in what is he confronted with but mice running all over everything. Why? ...The cheese ...Old King Tut took a lot of cheese with him to the next life. At least that was his plan ....the mice got to the cheese first, they don't care about the gold and jewels They left that stuff for us to fight over. Hope you have a good day and a side of cartoons. Robbay


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said... wonder cats had high status in the Egyptian world. I love your imagination!!!

Hugs, JJ

Anna said...

Robbay, that's cute, I guess King Tut really liked cheese, may be he wanted other type of visitors rather just thiefs going after gold. Great cartoon, Anna :)