Friday, November 23, 2007

Two For One Friday

Good Morning and a welcomed Friday. "A Guilt Free Suggestion"
Do you have that overstuffed feeling this morning? Today's cartoon has the answer to our problems. Taken right out of the pages of my imaginary magazine for the anything and everything that needs to be addressed. Prepare this tasteless meal and you will feel no guilt about the Thursday food extravaganza.
Let's visit the world of politics. Did you know Mario is getting back into the game spotlight..He's back and bounced through Mouseville looking for the Princess. I 'm not sure you can believe everything the mice will tell you. Hope you have a great Friday and a super weekend with cartoons on the side. Robbay


Jaya said...

Mashed turnips should not be joked about. Mashed turnips are revolting and evil, and I was traumatized by them as a child.