Saturday, October 20, 2007

"A New Sheriff New Rules"

Last night on Bill Maher's talk show for HBO, Bill had to take charge of more than hosting the show. A protester of 9/11 created a stir in the audience and Maher led the possie and threw the heckler out of town. Good for Bill for sure some" New Rules."
Extra post for Saturday have a good weekend and catch Bill's show on HBO , they kept the action it's a live broadcast and wild to watch. Robbay

"What A Lucky Day"

What a lucky day for Earth, Zork didn't destroy us...he served dinner. After dinner his masters blood sugar went down and he no longer felt the need to blow something up. Best we live each day one at a time. Tomorrow will take care of itself enjoy now. Do have a cartoon on the side this beautiful Saturday morning. Robbay

Friday, October 19, 2007

"EL ZeaGull & Diamonds And Dinosaurs"

This is El ZeaGull a take off on that crazy bird that steals chips right out of the store. This T-Shirt design is available for purchase at Wordans
Why not check him out ,the selection of T-shirts are amazing. Robbay

If you like dinosaurs and diamonds then how about this new design. "Diamonds & Dinosaurs are Forever"

Two For One Friday

Seems like just minutes ago I was posting the first Two For One Friday. Time is going a little too fast. Our lovely lady dinosaur is waiting so time to her is going very slow. That's the way , things you want take forever and when your busy you can't figure out where the time went. Our seagull is back and he also getting another design for the TShirts should be ready soon. El ZeaGull. I'll post his picture maybe today if I can find some time. Oh, there's that Time again. Make time for yourself and have a great weekend and a side of cartoons. Robbay

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Only Three more days ...get your captions in and be a winner! Robbay

"Chucky's Back!"

A Halloween cartoon today: The great baby monster ,the Chucky Doll. Chucky came out in the 1980's and scared the pants off my kids. Chucky was an instant success, if I heard it once I heard it a thousand times "Chucky's Back". Mostly from my youngest daughter sneaking up behind my son , and asserting fear into every part of his being. My son was two years her senior but his little sister always had a way of getting to him with Chucky. A pay back for his pushing her around. Did you know Chucky lives in Tampa, he coaches a professional football team. Some kids never grow up. Do have a side of cartoons this morning and a great day. Robbay

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"Don't Forget The Dip"

The great thing about snacks is there is always another something that goes with it. Like chips and dip. By themselves they are fine , but with dip we enter a new world of taste. Coffee and donuts, cake and ice cream, bugers and fries. eggs and bacon.....oh, the list could go on and on..Should I remind you that most of these snacks, are really not the most healthy of foods. No! this is a cartoon world it's O.K. , go ahead and indulge.
This cartoon is the third in a series about the Seagull Thief ..hope you have followed that crazy bird. . and have a side of cartoons..please. Do have a great day, Robbay
This cartoon is the third in a series about the Seagull Thief ..hope you have followed that crazy bird.

By the way here are the other new posting of cartoons today..TypePad

Footnote for today... a nice T-Shirt Design at Robbay's Cartoon T-Shirts..for the seagull thief. Hope you'll check it out it's up in the top right side of the script titled "Thief of Bagsnack"

Monday, October 15, 2007

"Out For A Walk"

Good Morning and I hope you head out for a walk like our friend ..I know we got good habits from some one. I'm glad it's the Walkasarus. Did you know walking is the best form of exercise. I wish I could walk everyday..but I'm like everybody else it's hard to get out there everyday with that gusto and go. Well, today is that day and I'm going for my walk ...have another cartoon on the side and a great day. Robbay
Hey don't forget to get your captions in , the contest is over this weekend.


Doing a cartoon for a cause is a rewarding challenge. Blog Action Day sponsored by Eco-Libris
is today Oct 15th. I hope everyone will take a moment today and think about our planet and it's wonderful resources. Let's not drive the birds out of the trees and in to alternative life styles. The fellow in front of you to buy a flat screen Tv might be a bird. Keep good thoughts today and have a side of cartoons..please. Robbay

Sunday, October 14, 2007

"Seagull The Thief"

It's the Thief of Baghdad. Zorro, Robin Hood....No it's Seagull The Snack Thief. When I saw this on You Tube it was so funny. For those of you who have not seen the video , a seagull runs in and out of a store stealing bags of snacks. It repeats over and over..I had to make a cartoon. Sunday morning is a great morning. I think Saturday and Sunday are the best mornings of the week . Even the coffee taste better.. Hope you have a good one and a cartoon on the side. Robbay