Saturday, November 3, 2007

"Got the Wrong Stuff"

Good Morning to you, and a fine day it will be.
Margo has really made a oops! The Halloween party was great fun and she looked fantastic in her witches outfit. Problem next morning she realized the black hadn't come off here teeth, she had the wrong kind of remover. We all have our oops! stories. When I was a kid about 4 years old , I wanted to be a little green man from outer space. Painted my self green , used good paint from my dad's garage, oil based. When I started first grade, I still had traces of green. Scrub a-dub dub. Have a side of cartoons and a great Saturday. Robbay

If you feel the need for more cartoons try this link Typepad or Molly


Anna said...

...and my story is when I arrived university for frosh week few years ago, the initiation was that they dipped my full arm in some purple stuff. I had short sleeves, so on my way home I had to ride the subway with this one purple arm, it was fun seeing people looking at you funny, plus there were some smugges on my face too - I think I looked like a miner, just different shades, lol Anna :)

Erina Hart said...

You used the wrong paint? Oh my! I bet your father was furious! Lol. You were a little green man for a long time after :) Do you ever get squeamish when you look at green paint now? Lol.

robbay said...

My dad never got mad ....just left the scrubbing up to mom and granny...Granny mostly...she work on me for months. I actually love green.