Monday, October 29, 2007

"Dinner Out "

Monday has arrived, and a good Monday morning to you . Let's eat out tonight. I was cooking all weekend , anything I don't have to prepare, cook or cleanup after sounds delicious . Do you feel that way? Sometimes I wish we could just pop in a pill that was all the nutrition we need and be on our way. Most of the time I love home-cooking ,but when someone says "let's eat out tonight" I'm the first to say O.K. Our alien visitors I think feel the same way today , so when you're out tonight for dinner, say"hello! I'll have steak and a side of cartoons please." Robbay

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Anna said...

Cool cartoon, and funny. Robbay, I know what you mean about cooking, the pill would be just great idea, but then only temporarily for me, because I love cooking and I hate following recipes, what I can invent myself or duplicate just by tasting, tastes the best. Great post, you are really good in writing posts to support your cartoons, and true posts too. Anna :)

robbay said...

Thank Anna ..glad you like the toon. Maybe we sould make a five day cruise pill with all meals and excursions included. Oh, and no weight gain. Hmmm, I think there's a cartoon in that. Thanks again..Robbay