Friday, November 2, 2007

"Two For One Friday"

Friday's always a great day no matter how bad the weather.
Ever been on one of those 5 day cruises, that all your meals are included and to boot they are 5 star quality. In the imaginary world of DIET X , there is a new pill. Check out our couple....The directions state : Before eating take one pill , and eat a large hardy breakfast and your on the way to a Caribbean food fest.. Of course you do fill the need for some lite- snacks along the way and they have stocked up on their favorites. Nice dream in the American Lifestyle. We always are looking for the "we do the work ,you have the fun", diet pills , exercise equipment, or true Mayan secrets of not aging.

On the other side of Robbay today Mouse is out to have a romantic weekend. I wish him luck in his quest. Ever wonder about the courting habits of a mouse? Hmmm...Have a great weekend and a side of cartoons. Robbay

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Erina Hart said...

Aw, the mice are too cute! Their little encounter is too romantic. Now I want to go cuddle up with my boyfriend :)

robbay said...

That's what it's suppose to do Erina, enjoy that candlelight and cheese.