Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Together At Last"

It is said that we'll be united with love ones in heaven. Here's a few guys that got up to heaven ahead of their wives. If you didn't know it ..men don't live as long as women...I just heard the other day , that for every hour of walking you can get a day of life added on to your expectancy. Not a bad idea!...Well for our guys there goes the golf games and poker , now it's an eternity of bridge and ball room dancing. Halloween is celebrated tonight so enjoy and be safe with your little ones, their special. Robbay


PM said...

barbara was talking to her dad about this issue last night on the telephone. to put things in perspective, he plays poker with friends once a week. he is the designated driver. his buddy comes over and they get in his car and drive across the parking lot in their complex to play. barbara's dad is 95 and his friend is 99. the wives are still around too. both are four years younger than their husbands. everyone has been thinking about this issue for well over 20 years. none of them are "walkers" = good genes i guess!

Anna said...

...I think I have an execptional husband or I just don't know it - but then we live together, we work together 24/7, so for him anything like that is probably in dreams, lol, lol. Anna :)