Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Robbay's Reviews

As a part of my weekly series of cartoons, I want to begin reviewing blog sites that I find of special interest.
One such site is the blog of L.A.Jansann, This is a blogsite that if you enjoy a mystery and one that will ameliorate your ability to see more than the surface of life, then you will enjoy spending hours reading the commentary of L.A.Jansann and peering into the works of Leonardo Da Vinci. You'll see things you never imagined and have some real adventures.

Remember when we were children and played the games of seeing people and animals in the clouds. One such memory that I have is seeing a giant gorilla in the clouds and asking my mom if that was God. (Mom said no, glad that would have been a terrible image for God.) As I grew up that fascination of images in the clouds has never left. The clouds on a beautiful cloudy day are so much a part of our life. That we don't accord them a second thought, until all of a sudden we see the head of Zeus, or a stallion came bursting out of the clouds. What if that magic was no accident. What if it were a language of images from a world deep within our imagination that existed at center of us all. What if I told you that in the art of Leonardo Da Vinci, L.A. Jansann has suggested and shown some interesting theories that such a world existed and Da Vinci delighted in showing many such visions from this world.

There are very elucidate diagrams and directions for getting your creative eye going and if you like discovery you'll love this blog. It continues to ameliorate as she discovers new images. You'll want to return continually.


admin said...

I also enjoyed this site. Thanks,

lajansann said...

Wow! What a great guy you are Robbay. Come on admit it. Your supperman aren't you?

Thank you so much for this and all the wonderful laughs and giggles you give me everyday!!!

robbay said...

Thanks for the comment..Hope you'll visit this great site and solve the mysteries of Leonardo.

Erina Hart said...

I like this idea Robbay! How creative and clever.

I will be sure to check this recommended site out.

I hope you keep this up. I like the concept.

robbay said...

Thanks Erina ..I hope to and look out you might be on my list.