Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"One Birds Problem"

Good Morning on this fine mid-day of our week. Tonight's is the night for those scary little goblins..I got my times mixed up and posted my Halloween Greeting one day early. Speaking of early, that's what today's cartoon is about. Things seem to be happening in our natural world too early. Glaciers melting and polar bears being run out of a place to live, it goes on and on. Anyway stop and think today about our earth and how we can do something to help, and if you see a penguin in need of a place to stay...give him space in your refrigerator , their not too messy. Keep the cartoons on the side. Robbay

If your of mind ...there is some more cartoons on TypePad and Molly


Anna said...

That is funny cartoon, I really like it. You are absolutely right about the time moving fast, I am ahead of myself all the time, just because at older age everything is accelerated, and I decided to accelerate with my life, but I forgot about the breaks. I really like the commentary for every cartoon you create, excellent. Anna :)

Erina Hart said...

I feel really bad about the polar bears. This problem has been all over the news this past week. Something needs to be done.

The cartoon is really cute. I guess those fellows would need an icebox :)