Friday, November 16, 2007

"Two For One Friday"

Oh boy! It's Friday! ..., This week I'm really glad today finally arrived. This week has been a long one....getting ready for next weeks feast of eating. If you hadn't noticed I really have a concern for the over-eaters(self included) and make some real digs at our present society for allowing this health epidemic to get so out of hand . So, come on guys and gals let's shape up for Thanksgiving , then Christmas and finally New Years Day. We have some delicious foods to eat and enjoy , so we're going to need some good cartoons to keep it in perspective. On a lighter side how about a puzzle cartoon? One to exercise the brain. What is Leonardo saying? Better have a side of cartoons, a cup of coffee and some fun today...,Robbay


Leena said...

A puzzle cartoon sounds really fascinating :)

Jaya said...

Leo is saying:

"What am I doing in a cartoon"

By the way... where can I
order one of those scales
that never say more than
119. I probably haven't
weighed that little since
I was 9 years old.

Alright, I've had some cartoons,
and some fun... time to go make
the coffee!

(By the way, I like your blog!)