Thursday, November 15, 2007

"Just Like Goldie Locks"

Good Morning to you and a well deserved Thursday...Do you feel like our fellow this morning ? He's the "Goldie Locks" ...., too hot, too's rainy or too's too windy or there's not enough breeze....What is it that puts a little "Goldie Locks" in all of us? I never have a problem when going to bed about walking the next morning. I am excited about hitting the pavement and doing my 2 or 3 miles. When morning does arrive ....,well it's just too ...too..Oh you know ...just too..let's have another side of cartoons...."It's cold for Florida today." Robbay


Hawk said...

Florida! Where is Floriday? Is that somewhere in Texas?

Maybe Goldie Locks didn't have enough Jewish Soul within her. Perhaps, she lacked a little in her education regarding Taoism. Whether it is too hot, too cold (the porridge that is) or anything else; if it's raining, sleeting, or sunny & warm, it is what is so just deal with it. If it's too cold, put a jacket on a walk anyway. If it's too hot, dress more comfortable, or go as you are. It matters not. The point is to go for it. As "Nike" advertised, "Just Do It!" There's a little Taosim in there if that is, you understand it!

LOL! I much not think you are a Taoist of that you are Jewish. It matters not. Just my ramblings for the moment!

Good job Toon Man!