Thursday, November 15, 2007

"Movie Magic/Movie Cat"

Movies have always been my favorite pass time . When I was a kid I sat in front of the radio and listened to the Mickey Mouse Club everyday...then like everybody else we got a television, and I sat in front of it when Mom would let me and watched serials and great old movies. The world of " movie magic" got a hold on me and never let go... I remember when I was old enough to go to the movies on Saturday alone and with friends, oh, the ebullience. Admission was 10 cents, popcorn,a coke, hot-dogs, and you never spent more than a dollar...Yes, today it's different we can spend the best part of a twenty-dollar bill, but if the magic is there, and the movie takes us away into that timeless place of total entertainment, then cost is not a dilemma. It's that magic we seek, where we can be every hero and live out our every dream.

I found some of that "Movie Magic" at a blog I visited recently, called MOVIE CAT. If you hadn't discovered this entertaining blog then its time you did.
Movie-Cat is full of humor about our passion for movies, and all the actors are cats in the movie poster post. Cats portray our favorite characters from all the movies. It's fun to see, Dirty Harry, Arnold S...and Clark Gable as cats..
The master creator of this funny madness is RobG. a knowledgeable "movie buff" and cartoonist. His control of PhotoShop shows, his artistic abilities. The qualities of his photo image cartoons are astounding. I hope using the expression cartoon is acceptable to RobG., ..and I hope he continues to entertain and delight us with his observations of the love and fascinations we have with the world of Movies. When you visit his blog enjoy the over 100 poster post he has created , you'll be in for a treat. See you around this blog for sure.... Be sure to see the newest "Stir Crazy"Robbay