Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"A New Worlds Record"

Good Morning and I hope it's an easy Wednesday.
Ever noticed the ridiculous sports records that are kept to a respective sport. Some are important , like most consecutive games played , most home runs, and so forth..The sports casters always get carried away...with the fill they give us while games are being " most passes caught since signing the XX million dollar contact." They fill us with useless information. Now, we get character analysis , health , wealth and soap opera overtones..,then maybe some game reporting.Well, here's an important one from Mouseville, and a side of cartoons...Robbay


Anna said...

Not much of competative sports fan, but I like the bunch of mice on this cartoon, lol. Anna :)

Bob Johnson said...

Love the cartoon, I know what you mean about the adlibs in sports, anything to fill dead space, can get on your nerves.

roentarre said...

Very true. Our materialistic world is nowadays all relying on numbers. More about quantity than quality. Even quality are defined by units nowadays...

Anonymous said...

This was good one! "And the ball dinosaur dung sounds like it would come out of John Madden's Mouth! LOL!

You're right - all that filler they broadcast is nothing more than a feeble attempt to try and keep the viewers interested in staying tune. For me, it doesn't work! I no longer waste time watching pro ball or even college ball on TV. Aside from my lousy attitude about all the crap that goes on in pro sports and elsewhere, I'm really not interested in listening to stupid information. Now, if they want to start talking about someone's arrest and subsequent conviction for a felony charge, and why the powers to be allow them to continue playing, then open up the lines and lets have a discussion. It would make for better viewing.

This would be a character analysis I would gladly tune into!

You were being nice in your cartoon. I'm not so nice!

As always, your stuff brings a smile to my face with every visit!