Monday, November 19, 2007

"Doing It All"

Monday , Monday....Time to get to work...At least it will be a short week. This morning our guy is off to get things done. Two or three things at the same time. Do you find yourself in the same situation? With our state of economy and fast pace of life , we don't really have much choice. When I did this cartoon I was reminded of my boyhood when a Aluminum Foil company advertised that Mom could wrap the roast , carrots and potatoes in foil....put them on or near the manifold of the car, drive around doing the chores and when she got back home .....dinner would be cooked by the car. Really.... a true story. Today you couldn't do that with oil costing almost $100.00 a barrel. We are an inventive lot and if there is a way of doing more than one task at the same time ...., we'll find it. Best have another side of cartoons...Robbay