Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"How Long Do I Hold?"

Good Morning and Tuesday will be Tuesday. Tuesday is usually over before we know it. Have you had to HOLD on the phone lately, trying to get information or a problem solved? Just the other day , when looking for new auto insurance...I felt like our friends in the cartoon trying to fill out Social Security applications, I thought by the time I find new insurance ..., I' ll be to old to drive .Today we live with robot recordings to keep us content while we wait, and wait ....,and wait. While we're waiting lets have another side of cartoons...Robbay


Jaya said...

Aye! Yes, I was on hold the other day with the Missouri Revenue Department for AGES.

No, I don't live in Missouri. But I keep getting calls from their taxpayers, because apparently they had a typo in a letter they sent out, and gave MY phone number, here in New Mexico. This is what one of the people phoning me from Missouri said. She clearly read MY number off the letter she'd been sent.

But the lady at the Missouri Revenue Dept. (when my call to them was FINALLY answered) told me that was not possible, because she has SEEN the letter they send out... Are people from Missouri really all that bad at dialing phone numbers??

Kathy Frederick said...

All I can say is thank God for speaker phones. That way, I can stay on hold forever and at least get other work done!

Robbay said...

Thanks for your comments and I just got off the phone yesterday with another robot.