Friday, October 26, 2007

Two For One Friday

It's Friday and thank goodness , it's been a long week. Old Diet X is back and the Sea gull with some new cartoons. How many of us buy the outfits first then try to lose enough weight to fit into them. I don't know how many times I've seen a certain style of pants and said to myself "go ahead and get the 34's in a few weeks they will fit". Only once did that happen. I have a closet of various sizes and I keep adding on the large size. Well, what would we do without fighting our weight and jogging our miles.
On a lighter note Seagull went to work for a new boss. I wouldn't want to be around with that light saber swinging. Enjoy, and have a side of cartoons. Robbay

Check over at Typepad and Molly for some more cartoons.


Anna said...

Robbay thanks for the message. Yeah I felt like I was alone over there, on your other blog, lol. Now I feel like at home. Thank you for your comment. Anna :)

Anna said... I can laugh on both your cartoon and the post, you are so right again about buying smaller size clothes, lol, I do that sometimes too. Anna :)

robbay said...

Thanks Anna...I change the toons most ever day so stop back by.

Erina Hart said...

I have one of those outfits hanging in my room! Lol. I keep looking at it and dreaming about the day I'm that tiny again. (On the other hand, Rob hates that outfit because he doesn't want me to be super skinny again.)