Monday, October 22, 2007

"My I Have The Envelope Please"

First let me thank all of you who sent in entries for the Caption contest...They were all very special and it was hard picking a winner. My method for finding the caption was to read the entries over ever few days and see which ones really felt right with the cartoon. There was one which edged out in front and became the match for the cartoon.
I hope every one of you will take the challenge of the next contest at Thanksgiving and try again , but most of all I hope you had fun thinking like a cartoonist for a moment. We all have a sense of humor , so let's share it. Now , I am proud to announce the winner of Robbay's first Halloween Caption Contest 2007.

Hawk. from Hawk's Place
If you hadn't been by Hawk's Place...I suggest you do. You'll find a very inviting blog to spend time reading and enjoying. The spirit of friendship prevails in all of his blog posting and you will find a sense of humor that we see in his caption for" Halloween Witches."


Raven said...
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Hawk said...
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Erina Hart said...

Congrats Hawk!

Rolando said...

Perfect! Congrats Hawk! You da man! Woo hoo!

Hawk said...

Robbay, Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Considering the number of excellent submissions from everyone, I'm a bit surprised. I was primarily goofing around after discovering your site and said, "what the hey" without giving a thought to whether I would win. Stumbling (no pun intended here) upon your your "toon heaven" and enjoying your artistic expression and humor, was a sufficient prize by itself! Who would've thought? Not me that's for sure.

I do want to ask you a question if I may. Were you drinking "witches brew" when you made the selection? Whether you did or not, I'm honored and I will take the prize. I love these toons by the "Toon Man"!

I'll hook-up with you to figure out the selection and all that stuff. Things are a bit swampy here right now and I have too, too many alligators biting at my backside.

And to Erina and Rolando, my friends, thank you for the congrats !

ToonMan, I thank you again!

Mata ne...