Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"Not Everything Is As It Appears"

My comments on the recent news of Dumbledore, or is that Dumbledora will only fall pale compared to the announcements by J.K. Rowling. Dumbledore now steps into the real world and with that we cartoonist and such can throw good fun at him. I'm sure the pressure and stress on this fictitious character of modern literature to declare his identity were too much to bare.Really can you imagine. Now we know....So what! Who cares? My guess is about 40 million children will at some point need explanations. Children do ask questions, that's how they learn. Let's hope we give good answers that help us grow wiser healthier human beings. You know, come to think about it Sex in Hogwarts, never occurred to me to be important. I guess it is now, who's next? Have a couple extra cartoons this morning and a great Tuesday. Robbay

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