Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Say It With Flowers"

Good Morning and let's hit Thursday like a home run right into Friday. Did you ever give your special someone flowers? We all have I think, I remember as a kid picking anything along the road and bring it home to Mom. I picked wild flowers, neighbors flowers and the always present weeds. The weeds showed up in the vase too, because they were part of the thoughtful gift. It was the thought that counted and the habit it formed. Dinosaurs love getting flowers too and enjoy eating. I hope someone gives you floweres today.Do have a great Thursday and a side of cartoons.

Drop over to Molly and Typepad for more cartoons.


Erina Hart said...

Aw, what a lucky dino! I didn't get flowers from a boy until my senior year of high school.

robbay said...

You saw what a mess they make with candy.