Friday, November 9, 2007

Two For One Friday

Oh! Boy it's Friday...I always love Friday...I get to post two cartoons for the price of one...and the new movies are in town...everybody wants to get out to movies and a bite to eat...that's fun. Well here's today's cartoons hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them..
What a dream pill for us dieters who can't resist sweets.... wouldn't it be wonderful if carrots tasted like chocolate.
Looks like this weekend Dinosaur won't be going to the movies , they just can't stand those scary ones....,too bad. Have some fun today and a side of cartoons...please. Robbay

One more cartoon over at my Typepad Blog


PM said...

Love your "double feature" and so true!

Funny, we had a big discussion last night at dinner. Why do older people like sweets? Because the sweet bud is the last sense to go on your tongue. I would love scientific backup at that one!

Dinosaurs were just bullies.

Anna said...

...hey I have idea, why don't we dip a carrot in chocolate, and we can have best of both world, lol. Great cartoon, like the dinosour running away from the scary movie too. Anna :)

Peter said...

Gidday! After just waking up from falling asleep in front of the TV what do I do? I jump onto the computer to see how the rest of the world is going and what do I find but something that reminds me of myself in your cartoons.

As I sit here admiring you’re unique and wonderful cartoons I’m sipping on a diet coke and recalling how my mates from work consider me a dinosaur. Well done!

Peter McCartney
Sydney Australia

Robbay said...

thanks peter ...your too kind...and they said we were extinct..

Robbay said...

Hey Anna ...A carrot is a carrot can't fool a chocolate lover.

Robbay said...

PM ...we don't have any bullies in this cartoon world...our dinosaurs are big sweet pushovers.

Bob Johnson said...

Hi Robbay, glad thanks to Anna I found this site, love your cartoons, man wouldn't it be "sweet" if they could make carrots taste like chocolate, I love your dog pic too.

footiam said...

I think carrot tastes fine as it is. Let chocolate tastes like chocolate so that when we take carrot, we do not get confused and think that we are taking chocolate instead. Oh, now I am confused. Do come and visit
for some chocolate tales. Nice cartoon!

Anna said...

Peter and Bob, glad both of you made to this blog. Robbay got some cool and different stuff here. Anna :)