Thursday, November 8, 2007

"Capturing A Moment With Anna"


When I began surfing through the Blogcatalog a few weeks ago, I came across the most interesting photography site. The blog is hosted by a lady we will call " Anna ". Her site is entitled simply "My Only Photo"
I thought to my self why would a National Geographic photographer be interested in posting a blog? I jumped right in going from one great photo to another. Bird life, animals in the wild, insects, plants, and spectacular landscapes. Maybe Anna doesn't work for National Geographic, but she captured my attention with equal talent. Not only are the photographs wonderful to experience but the descriptions are short and well written. Anna lets her photography speak for itself.
To my surprise her subjects are in her local zoo, parks and the national parks. When I contemplate the lion ,moon , and birds, I felt sure Anna had traveled the world... she has with only a camera and a truly artistic imagination.
I am including in this review some of the photographs that impressed me, with there inviting appeal and quality. There is also a cartoon inspired by her adventurous spirit. I enjoyed from her archives Nature, Birds, Moon and Animals. When you visit the site spend some time with this very talented
" Anna."



Anna said...

Thanks Robbay, I am honoured to get such very nice and inspiring review with the cartoon from knowing even that you only know me for a short period of time. I kept reading and reading over and over again, I am just thrilled. BTW I don't know what you do but you really know a lot about life and just guessing what people will do. One of the examples is National Geographic photographer. This year I had an opportunity to photo shoot family golf tournament, where some of friends of family didn't know me. Walking from group to group I came up to one group, and I said I am from National Geographic and I would like to have your picture taken, you should have seen their faces. What a coincidence you mentioning me as NT in your review. Thanks again, Anna :)

Robbay said...

Your very welcome Anna it was my pleasure , keep up the great work. Robbay

Lynda Lehmann said...

What a lovely testimonial, Anna, to have your blog written about and a cute cartoon made in honor of you!

Blush, I do that a lot, too: forget to remove the lens cap!

Lynne said...

That's fantastic! I enjoyed the review and the cartoon. I love Anna's site, looks like I've now found another site to frequent. :-D

Peter said...

Hi! It has come to my attention also, that Anna is not only a great photographer but also an honest and loyal friend with a delightful twist on story telling. You are to be congratulated on your workmanship and dedication to Anna.


Robbay said...

Thanks Lynda, Lynne and Peter ...your comments are most appreciated.

Bob Johnson said...

I see you've found some of my fav photo's that Anna has taken, great post on a superwoman, and by the looks of the cartoon, I'm not far off with the superwoman part,lol.

Rosehaven Cottage said...

This is just great! Anna's photos are favorites of mine too and I'm so glad that you reviewed her and showcased her talent. The cartoon of her is great! Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

Anna said...

Thank you all for visiting Robbay's blog, Anna :)

Robbay check my latest post. Thanks.

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

The best cartoon ever because my favorite blogger Anna is the subject and it captures her perfectly,. :D

You have great talent. I'll visit more often now that I've found you...thanks to dear Anna. :D

I have to find you on blog catalog.


Jaya said...

Cool cartoon! And I'm a big fan of Anna as well.

Anna said...

JJ thanks for visiting Robbay's blog, and thanks for your comments, oh boy sometimes it is too good of a comment from you, not sure if I really deserve it, lol. Anna :)

Anna said...

Jaya, thank you so much for visiting and being my fan, I am your fan also.

Robbay please visit Jaya's blog, she is quite artistics and has a very interesting way to transfer her thoughts into her own made photo-cartoons. You will like it.

On the other hand, Robbay you should visit my all blogger friends, each of them is unique and very interesting to blog with, and they all loved your cartoon blog.

Thanks, Anna :)