Monday, November 5, 2007

"No Problems"

Good Morning it's the start of a new week.This week promises to be full of cartoons.
I have noticed more penguins and polar bears showing up looking for work. We cartoonist are the first to be asked for jobs. Don't be surprised if you do. I don't know if we're melting or not, I'm not an expert. Seems to me though if you grab a cup of coffee and get back to your desk notice only a little left in the cup and hot coffee all over the desk and trail leading back to the coffee-pot ...., You got a leak in your cup. Check you cup this morning and have a side of cartoons....,Robbay

Might check Typepad this morning.


Anna said...

Robbay, this one really made me laugh. Keep it up, and I have to tell you all my life I loved reading cartoons, they are short, funny and usually send good message, and you cartoonists do have talent in doing so, I say it again, that is a real talent. Anna :)

robbay said...

Thank you Anna...your one of my favorite fans.

Rolando said...

haha, good one Robbay. Bush is clueless of all our problems, lol

Anderson said...

Cool.... Penguins serving martinis :))))