Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Where Did They Go"

Almost every year one of us would lose treats on the long walk home. The bounty was always more than we could carry. Naturally the bags took some abuse. Tears and holes formed and you always lost some goodies.
I grew up in a time of magic really ,compared to today. As kids we could roam the neighborhood without the slightest concerns over personal safety. There was really a freedom. I wish we still had that magical world. Well, that was another time, one which I don't think kids will ever know.
Where did all that lost candy go? We never found any , so someone must have thought they stuck gold, or Halloween had really smiled on them that year. Do have some cartoons on the side and a very good day. Robbay


Rachel said...

Hmmm...I remember feeling rather safe in Charlottesville as a child (and probably would today) but I suppose it wouldn't have been a very good idea to go trick or treating by one's self in New Orleans!

I don't remember the razor blade in apple scandal that broke sometime in the 80s, but I'm told it freaked a lot of parents out.

Can you send me a copy of that GREAT picture of yourself?

Rachel said...

Oh, ps...I have a bit of a job working for a cookbook author named Nina Simonds (pretty well known.) I'll be doing weekly newsletters for her video blog website at She's into healthy Asian cooking, so you might enjoy checkin it out :)

(I'm supposed to plug the Boss' website to The Blogosphere,see)

Erina Hart said...

I want a chocolate cake! Yum yum yum :)

I never had a chance to lose my candy. My parents always took about six bags. They would hand me a new bag every time they thought the one in my hand was too heavy. Lol.