Monday, October 8, 2007

"Peanut Butter"

Oh! That sticky yummy stuff. Hmmm..I always liked peanut butter, the creamy kind. It did however stick to my teeth , mouth and fingers. As I recall it had a strong aroma as well. Well, Dinosaur doesn't like it and I can understand his viewpoint, but I bet if he'd give it a chance, he would love it as much as chocolate. Matter of fact he needs to mix the two..Hmmm what would he have then? Have a great day with a side of cartoons. Robbay


Jack Payne said...

This is my favorite, though Sticky Treat is a real good one, too.

Erina Hart said...

Aw, poor dinosaur! I like peanut butter. He should give the PB ones to me :)