Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Ready For The MicroWave"

Good Morning 
The way food is being grown today....the next thing will be packaged and ready for the microwave right out of the ground. Everything made out of soybeans. Have a great day ...Robbay


Lord Andrew of Goulding said...

And on the GM note, some stunning visuals from Greenpeace


Lord Andrew of Goulding said...

Ah! Looks like Blogger cut the link. I wouldn't normally push but this is beautiful.


look for Greenblog

Erina Hart said...

Now I want to go read Silent Spring again. Lol.

I prefer my food without chemical seasoning :)

Sincerae said...

Hi Robbay,
I haven't forgotten you. Just been so busy and overwhelmed at times.

This cartoon is kinda of what I am a little concerned that might happen:)

What a nice surprise. Thanks for adding me blog to your blogroll:))

Robbay said...

Just think ...Corn will be 10.00 a pound someday due to the cost of oil. It still want be good for you because of the way it is grown.