Thursday, March 27, 2008

Coffee Addict

Good Morning
This is the way I feel....I gave up coffee a few weeks ago ...due to it causing a rise in my blood sugar and that 's not good for a diabetic. I loved coffee and it's true you get an addiction to it. Once the craving passes I must say I feel and sleep better. Good news , once I get things back to normal I can have a cup a day. Maybe I will , maybe I won't....Robbay


Anna said...

I used to drink lot of coffee when I was at university, I think I was loosing brain cells then too. Now I enjoy cup of coffee may be once a month. Anna :)

Robbay said...

Thanks for the comments ...I think your my only fan...for you and who ever does check the toons I'll keep posting. Robbay

GForce said...

well there was a time like 2 years ago when i used to drink a full jar (700 gr) of coffee, one in the morning, and one at night. Maybe for everyone else it was something useful or needed to stay a bit more awake at night's but in my case it was just pure stupidity, rarely drink coffee these day's makes me feel sick or in some cases it makes a hyperactive freak that won't shut up... so i tend to stay away from coffee these day's.