Sunday, March 9, 2008


Good Morning 
Hope you are having a warm Sunday. It's cold here in Florida and that's a real shock to the system. We are lucky though and don't have it as bad as the upper part of the country. Enjoy the day and I'll see you Monday....Robbay


norahaty said...

HI,i am norahaty in Egypt.IT is very ,very ,very (yes that much)hot here today.We say that winter is fisihed here rapidly,it only lasts 4 2 monthes.i just want to translate my 1st line in my blog(because it is much like what u say)i am saying:it is a new day ,want it or not we will live it,so lets make benfite of it.I hope you can visit my blog:

Anna said...

...and here in Canada cold as usual, but we were additionally removing tons of snow off our driveway, hope this is the last of winter, thanks for sharing, Anna :)