Monday, February 18, 2008

"Just One Of The Guys"

Good Morning

What is the obsession with enhanced physical performance in professional sports. The games for me have become boring.  Boring when I think the play I just saw may have been so fantastically performed by a chemical engineered pill that a player consumed the night before. Our desire to be the best has taken a wrong turn. Let's hope a  desire to break new records includes doing it naturally... Off my soap box and on to a great day , hope you have one too and a side of cartoons....Robbay


PM said...

here a proposal. since we can't stop the enhancer things we should let them take whatever they want. we just have to put a label on them though to see the ingredients.

Robbay said...

How about we make a new area of sports records ...Best in Steroid performance.

Anna said...

Robbay it is almost like having robots racing or playin sports, you are right it is boring, thanks for sharing, Anna :)