Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Good Morning ...After watching last nights debate on CNN ...I don't know who will get my vote. Like so many who throw away their vote and vote for" Green party ", "favorite sons" and "long Paul shots".... I think I'll vote for a bird .....Martin Egret. Well, if everybody does this then we might elect someone who would really have to be a President....Have a side of cartoons ...Robbay


Anna said...

Hi Robbay, I used to throw away my vote to green party, but then I learned, and now I vote as a educated citizen. I don't think there is anything wrong for voting for green party, but they were not doing their job after all. So you will be voting for a bird, lol, then good luck. I heard that you and JJ paired up to create children's book - congrats and good luck, it will be great book by great people. Thanks for sharing your daily thoughts. Anna :)