Saturday, October 20, 2007

"A New Sheriff New Rules"

Last night on Bill Maher's talk show for HBO, Bill had to take charge of more than hosting the show. A protester of 9/11 created a stir in the audience and Maher led the possie and threw the heckler out of town. Good for Bill for sure some" New Rules."
Extra post for Saturday have a good weekend and catch Bill's show on HBO , they kept the action it's a live broadcast and wild to watch. Robbay


Tomas Karkalas said...

You have warned us in advance "Don't mess with manner" Thus my musing may look like the obvious contradiction to that, but the traditional “thank you, I like your cartoons” would be no better response than saying nothing at all.
While viewing the cartoon "A new sheriff new rules", I was deeply touched by joyful mystery of the life. Is it a drawing at all, or the revival of the eternally alive spirit?
Your pencil is the wonder stick.

Takeshi said...

Love this stuff! Maher is okay, but he gets on my nerves. Well, I guess I shouldn't expect anything different since I'm fairly conservative. He does have some interesting perspectives, but I just wish he didn't think he was all that and a bag-of-chips (stale chips at that) on occasion! You could've drawn his head and mouth a little bigger. Would have been more viusally accurate. LMAO!

My regrets my friend, I just get carried away!


robbay said...

If I'd had made his head any bigger It wouldn't fit on the page. Don't regret I appreciate your comments and opinions.