Thursday, October 4, 2007

"Hop and Skip"

Remember that game in pre-school? It was a lot of fun then ,we had so much energy you had to blow it off at playtime. Mouse has his hands full , so to speak with Dinosaur. You noticed I have left out JUMP ..from the name of the game. This is because that's the problem. When dinosaurs jump the earth shakes. Mouse should have never taught Dinosaur "Hop-Skip and Jump!" When things settle down have a side of cartoons. Robbay


Rolando said...

You have some cool art work Robbay! Just hope the dinosaur doesn't accident jump on the cute mice :)

Erina Hart said...

Rolando, Robbay does have great work. His art always makes me smile. He has other blogs too. You should check them out :)

Robbay, I remember this game! I miss those days sometimes. Then, I realize that I can play games as an adult too!